Offline Real Estate Marketing to Foreign Buyers in Print

How effective might be the real estate print advertising in comparison with online ads in the real estate marketing to foreign buyers for your property for sale?

The topic has been covered in full detail based on the Russian buyers of international real estate preferences at

Following the link above you can find the results of the surveys of the Russian buyers’ behavior that allow us to classify them in terms of their favorite sources of the real estate information, then steps from the initial interest to the final buying decision, and the role and comparison of internet and print media in that.

We may conclude that the behavior of the Russian buyers would be typical for any foreign buyers of international properties, and what is especially interesting here is that the search for suitable properties starts (raw) and finishes (precise) on the internet, with print media and real estate shows in between as helpers in forming a final choice.

The real estate shows will be discussed in the next post, now let’s concentrate on marketing real estate to foreign buyers in foreign print media. Everybody knows that print advertising for real estate for sale in the U.S. has been losing its role more and more with online advertising gaining the momentum. Some similar processes are typical for other countries too, maybe with their own various speed and power. Still, the print media is not dead and probably will not perish in the nearest future.

Print advertising is more expensive than online, so the budget consideration comes into play. In general, the major real estate foreign marketing media are lined from the cheapest to the most expensive like that: Internet, print, real estate shows. Each venue can be more or less effective for a particular property, you have to do your due diligence.

Advertising in print definitely can be a part (never a substitute for the internet) of the real estate marketing to foreign buyers’ campaign for unique or just expensive properties – whether the target of it is the Russian buyers or any other international real estate buyers.

Editorial advertising in the form of an article written by a journalist describing all the greatness of your castle for sale with gorgeous photos in an international real estate or business magazine would be effective for such properties as the readers are absolutely the target buyers.

A summary: Advertising in print is not a substitute for online advertising and usually it is more expensive; it can be a part of the real estate marketing to foreign buyers for a unique or just expensive property.

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