Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Foreign Internet (Part 2)

So, your position in the organic searches on the foreign internet will depend a lot on the keywords you want to be found with, thus the first task before any other would be to create a pool of the best keywords for your future website you might think about – to attract the foreign buyers, and only then start looking for a proper available domain name and building the site – separate pages for various keywords from the pool.

There are many small, but important SEO rules for webmasters (look for publications authored by SEO professionals), and implementing them from the very beginning of the website building would place your new site in a rather favorable position with the search engines.

Various search engines have their own positioning algorithms, that is why your site may be higher in one search engine and lower in another one. Later you will start your new site’s promotion and will go higher in searches with time, and your free internet traffic will grow. The rule applies to any foreign internet as well as to English.

The proper SEO also requires proper linking pages to each other inside the same site, but we will talk about linking in a separate post. There is a rule on the minimum word count on a page to make it worth picking by search engines, and some other requirements.

Following the basic SEO rules the author actually owns the internet niche “Russian buyers” to attract as clients all international real estate sellers willing to sell to the foreign buyers (the Russians in this case): The site is on the first pages and often in the top positions ahead of even some giants in Google, Yahoo and Bing for many the niche keywords as “selling to Russians”, “marketing to Russians”, “Russian real estate agents” and the like – check for yourself.  The site is not 100% SEO perfect maybe, but it serves the goal so far.

Videos posted on YouTube also must be SEO compliant in terms of keywords, titles and descriptions, being an important tool of getting the foreign buyers from the foreign internet.

SEO rules apply to any languages, just require its own implementation in each language.

Anyway, there are many books and online instructions on SEO that you can read, get educated in general, and only then you hire the webmaster who knows what he or she is doing in terms of SEO.

A summary: SEO is the most important webmaster’s tool for getting high positions with search engines and thus bringing free traffic of targeted internet visitors to a website or video. SEO works in any foreign language, any foreign internet, for any foreign buyers as well as for local ones.

Copyright © 2017 by Olga Kellen
All Rights Reserved

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