How to Be the First on Foreign Internet and Sell to Foreign Buyers? (Part 1)

How to be the first on Google or any other search engine on the foreign internet with your offer of services, goods or real estate for sale? First of all you have to decide on the search keywords or phrases you want to be found by your foreign buyers or clients on the internet. Put yourself in their shoes and try to imagine as many search terms as you could from the most popular down to more ambiguous maybe, then evaluate the price you have to pay for making it happen for each of the search terms to choose the compromise. It applies to the internet in English and any foreign internet.

Later we will talk about eventually getting the free internet traffic from your foreign website that you create with the thought of your constant presence online in mind; now let’s look at an example when you need to sell a property fast and do not have time for all the internet tricks to develop and promote your SEO perfect foreign website.

Case study. You want to sell “By Owner” a rather expensive condo in Hallandale Beach, Florida, which is essentially a middle-class town right north of Miami with a splash of a luxury building here or there, and you happen to have your property for sale in one of those luxury buildings with the market price more than twice the average price around town.


So, it is hard to think that a local interest would be high, plus you know that your neighbor’s apartment has been sitting on the market with a local real estate agent for a while without a good and solid offer, plus there is a bit of an issue with some banks to approve mortgages for your building.

It is really time to think of reaching the foreign buyers – investors in South Florida real estate who are mostly cash buyers. You know that citizens of Canada (both English- and French-speaking), Russia and countries of the South America (Spanish- and Brazilian Portuguese-speaking) are buying properties around Florida.

Let’s start googling in English for “condo for sale in Hallandale Beach Florida” which seems the most straightforward and apparent phrase that your potential buyers could use. Yeah, the field is hugely overcrowded: The big real estate advertising portals and real estate companies with substantial marketing budgets are filling out the first three pages of the search, and there are plenty of paid ads on the first two pages that signals us that probably the pay-per-click costs are also substantial… Too bad…


Thus there is nothing much you can do as “By Owner” here at home, just move to the next phase – international and search for the foreign buyers on the foreign internet.


(To be continued)



Copyright © 2017 by Olga Kellen
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