What Kind of Webpages Show Higher on English or Foreign Internet?

Have you ever paid attention to what pages of your website show higher in search engines than your other pages? I have, and the results are presented as a case study for my own professional site for translation and international real estate marketing to foreign buyers (Russian) www.english-and-russian.com in my article for Inman: http://www.inman.com/2016/10/13/simple-addition-real-estate-website-can-collect-buyers

For the easiness of the discussion, the case study is about the websites in English, but exactly the same applies to any foreign internet websites, just in a foreign language.

The goal of the case study is to prove the following: Search engines love webpages with information more than any others and show them higher in search results.

You will have more internet visitors to your property website if it contains informative pages rather than just selling ones only, as people who are looking for the relevant to your property information on the area, country, laws and rules of the country and their travel options to your city as well, might find your properties for sale through these pages of your website, too.

More details on this method (along with others) of attracting the foreign buyers to your property online are in my e-books: How to Convert Foreign Internet Visitors into Real Estate Buyers and How to Be the First on Foreign Google

The method relates to any website on the English internet as well as on any foreign internet.

A summary: Turn your property foreign website into a one-stop-shop for all the information that the foreign buyers might need, and you are the winner – they won’t leave your site searching for any additional information (and get lost in the wilderness of the internet quite often), but being happy with your professionalism, will make an inquiry about your property, not somebody else’s.

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