Why Property Video Attracts More Foreign Buyers (Part 2)

A video (or slide show) is a great addition to a static website dedicated to your property where you post lots of informative texts, maps and floor plans for which websites suit much better than videos. If you have both – a website and a property video linked to it among other information on your real estate – you combine the best of all marketing possibilities to attract the foreign buyers.

With some learning curve you can create a slide show type of a video from the photos with some transition effects, text and music on your own in English and post it on YouTube according to the SEO rules of course to make it be found by searchers (more on SEO later).

Then have a good translator for the supportive texts in the video, title, keywords and description and post this foreign version too, so that foreign buyers can find you searching YouTube in their own language. Or hire a professional service for creating and posting your video for the foreign buyers if you wish.

So, having your property video uploaded on YouTube, you can do many things in terms of marketing your property besides linking the video and your website: Send the YouTube video link to all your friends (they have their own friends – it can become viral and eventually get you a buyer!), inform realtors about it, post it in other appropriate places on the internet.

The YouTube search engine is considered to be #2 in the world while owned by Google, the #1, that is why Google is very friendly to YouTube and also includes videos from there pretty high in its own search results under the condition that the video’s title, keywords and description are search engine optimized.

It is another great opportunity to promote your property to the foreign buyers: Its presentation shows up not in one, but in two the most important search engines in the world. YouTube and its search engine are also available in foreign languages.

Of course, the same thing is true about both websites and videos: You have to inform as many people as you can (potential buyers and their buyer’s agents) that your property is for sale, but it is another part of the story of real estate marketing and selling; we have talked about it in some previous posts and will talk some more further too.

A summary: A property video is the most sought after by the real estate foreign buyers while not many sellers provide it, so you will be ahead of the pack if your property video is on YouTube.

Copyright © 2017 by Olga Kellen
All Rights Reserved

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