Why Property Video Attracts More Foreign Buyers (Part 1)

Why is it important to have your property video on the foreign internet if you want to market your property to real estate buyers all over the world? Nowadays with all the advances of the internet the potential real estate foreign buyers become more and more visual while searching for properties that they want on the internet.

A property video is the most sought after by the real estate buyers in the modern time. Some internet sources state that up to 90% of potential buyers would prefer to see a property video before making any move towards seeing the property in reality. Even more so is true for the buyers who cannot see the property without making a special trip from far away!

It is not unheard of such cases when the foreign buyers agree to invest in a property without coming to see it in person, just looking at the video, market information and paperwork, if everything meets their investment goal.

At the same time the internet sources state that under 10% of the sellers (mostly technology advanced realtors) use video in their real estate promotion.

See the discrepancy here? And how would you be on the winning side in the game of selling your property if you had a good video of it on YouTube and be able to show it to the potential buyers? And again – it is even more important for the buyers who have to come to see your property from far away!

Talking about the foreign buyers: The supporting texts in your video would be better to have in their language of course (also the title, description and keywords for your YouTube posting have to be in this foreign language if you want the foreign buyers to find your property video directly).

Now, you can say that creating a good video requires expensive equipment or hiring a professional with such equipment whose services would be expensive too. Well, it is one way of doing things and it is not cheap of course and the only one which is suitable for the high-end properties. By the way, posting online for the whole world to see a video that your teenage kid made with his cell phone might be not so beneficial to your property selling after all.

Luckily, there is an economy solution available: Creating a video as a slide show which is made up of a number of photos of your property with various transition effects and some supporting texts and background music.

It looks like a video moving from one room to another and from one view to another, easy to watch, provides compact and nicely organized in one place information about your property and surroundings, has some text information along with the photo slides, easy to post on the internet and then use in your property promotion to the foreign buyers.

(To be continued)

Copyright © 2017 by Olga Kellen
All Rights Reserved

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