How Many Visitors to Your Property Foreign Internet Presentation You Need

How many property showings should an owner or realtor hold to be able to sell the property eventually? Of course, the exact number depends a lot on the current real estate market condition, quality of the property and its pricing, but some general evaluation can be done with some degree of accuracy. We will talk about foreign internet viewers of your property here as now more than 90% of real estate buyers search internet to find properties to start with their purchase.

The detailed report is published at , and the major result is this: On average, you have to bring from 250 to 1000 viewers a month to your property presentation on the foreign internet. (Some properties in some countries will require more than that and some other properties that are in high demand from buyers will require less than that to be sold.)

Is it possible to achieve and get so many targeted visitors? Absolutely.

If you involve realtors in a foreign country, deal with those who have high traffic to their websites and thus would make your property visible to many potential foreign buyers.
If you list your property with foreign real estate portals, choose those that have high traffic of visitors searching for your country and type of property.

If you have your own property website on the foreign internet, promote it higher in search engines by all means available (pay-per-click advertising, getting links from appropriate third party websites, etc.).

A summary: An approximate evaluation of the foreign internet visibility to have your property sold in a reasonable time brings us to the quite doable number of visitors to see the property’s foreign listing or webpage, if you choose the right marketing venues with the proved high internet traffic.

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