What Are Major Internet Tools for Real Estate Marketing to Foreign Buyers (Part 3)

Third party websites. The most important among online real estate marketing to foreign buyers platforms for your property for sale are real estate portals in the foreign languages of course, because this is where the foreign buyers would go the first thing in the morning to search for properties if they are concentrated on some country, type of real estate and price range.

Usually foreign real estate portals allow to search their huge databases by many parameters. The best of them (or with the most intelligent management) have two parts: In the language of the foreign country for the buyers from this country looking for properties internationally and in English for advertisers of such properties.

For example, the number one international real estate portal in China is www.juwai.com in Chinese (showing over two million properties for sale from more than fifty countries) with the English pages for advertisers http://list.juwai.com ; the number one in Russia is prian.ru in Russian (under two hundred thousand properties for sale from more than fifty countries) with its English mirror prian.eu .

There are many other real estate portals in any language in any country. Just watch for how they manage translations and run away from those portals that use machine translations (we have already talked about how poisoning they are for your marketing).

If they claim using human translators then try to check their property descriptions already posted on such portals by asking a native speaker of the foreign language to evaluate the quality if possible, also you have to know that the portals really employing human translators cannot be cheap.

Some real estate portals would leave the translation up to you, and this is the best solution, as you are in control of how your description looks like in the foreign language (we have already talked of choosing the proper translator).

Portal advertising is probably a good active real estate marketing tool for a seller of just one property (when you do not have your own property website and use a portal listing instead) or as a helping hand to your own website for realtors and developers.

Free real estate classifieds in the foreign languages might work for some mass-market properties (of course with descriptions posted in translation), but not suitable for expensive and exquisite homes.

In some cases it would be wise to check some industry websites suitable to advertise your property for sale to the foreign buyers – for example, a foreign website for golfers if you sell a home near a golf course (some foreign golfer might be interested to buy it as a vacation home) or a foreign hoteliers’ website if selling a motel on the beach (a new owner might happily come from the foreign country and will be filling vacancies advertising in his old country).

The sky is the limit for your creativity here and a bilingual help required with finding such suitable foreign sites, evaluating them for your goal from the point of view of their internet traffic, communicating with them and actual posting of your ad on the site.

A summary: The major foreign internet real estate marketing tools to the foreign buyers are the following: Search Engine Optimization of your property foreign website, Pay-per-Click ads with foreign search engines, Social Media Marketing in the foreign languages, advertising on foreign real estate portals, classifieds and some industry websites.

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