What Are Major Internet Tools for Real Estate Marketing to Foreign Buyers (Part 2)

PPC or Pay-per-Click advertising. Pay-per-click real estate marketing on the foreign internet works the same way as in English. It is placed on the right side and above of the search results in Google and other search engines including foreign ones, and is aimed at the searchers of particular keywords and in particular geographical regions.

You choose the keywords in the foreign language and geography for showing your ads. What the best feature of this type of ads is that you also choose the position – #1 or #2 or #3 or further on the first page of any search results for your keywords, or further down on the second or third page, and the advertising budget you are willing to spend on the ad. For example, you can afford $100 a month for running an ad on the foreign internet, and it will run by the search engine till the budget is used, then stop – this way you always control your spending.

The search engine automatically counts the number of clicks that internet visitors do to go to your website that you advertise through this ad to bring target visitors interested in your offer, and multiplies by the cost of one click that you agreed upon at the start of the campaign, and deducts from your monthly payment. As soon as the payment is exhausted, the ad stops running till the next payment arrives. By the way, the search engines have their intelligent automatic means to stop potential abusers who might want to do many clicks on your ads just to finish your budget and make your ad disappear, so it cannot happen, do not worry.

The cost of one click depends on the keyword and position of the ad – the number one on the very top being the most expensive and the further down (less visible in other words) the cheaper.  There are keywords that cost tens of dollars per click (some internet giants can afford that) and others that you can buy for some cents per click – on the foreign internet in the foreign language as well as on Google in English.

Of course the foreign internet exposure (and thus the number of visitors to your advertised website eventually) will be lower for the cheaper keywords, but do your research (search engines automatically provide all the necessary data), and quite possible that you will be able to find the suitable for your goal and not very expensive keywords in the foreign language to make your pay-per-click real estate marketing to foreign buyers campaign profitable.

It works in the similar way with any foreign language with the appropriate search engine in this language. This way of the direct real estate marketing to foreign buyers is highly recommended for entering any market to have the high number of visitors from the very beginning instead of waiting for your foreign website to start bringing inquiries. You will need a bilingual assistant who understands real estate marketing and internet advertising.

SMM or Social Media Marketing to foreign buyers. Social media marketing is a huge topic, way beyond the scope of this book, and you can find a lot of information from the experts online. Anyway, to start free of charge, add a link to your newly created property website on the foreign internet to every place online where you are a member, inform all your friends and circles hoping they would spread the word out. Then research your options in the foreign language – again, no “fits all sizes” marketing decisions here, and a bilingual help required for sure.

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