What Are Major Internet Tools for Real Estate Marketing to Foreign Buyers (Part 1)

“How can I reach foreign buyers with my property for sale offer?” The author receives this question daily. The usual and immediate reply is “By internet”, as this is the most used by the buyers, the easiest to use by the sellers and the cheapest media in the world today. Of course, we are talking here mostly about the internet in the language of the foreign country where the sellers want to promote and sell their properties to the foreign buyers.

There are also other marketing venues offline, such as print advertising, participating in real estate shows, TV and radio advertising in the foreign countries. TV and radio are usually too expensive for real estate ads, but print media and real estate shows we will discuss further in due posts.

Now about the major internet marketing tools in the field of the real estate marketing to foreign buyers:
=Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
=Pay-per-Click Advertising (PPC)
=Social Media Marketing (SMM)
=Third parties websites (real estate portals, classifieds, banners, etc.)

SEO or Search Engine Optimization. We have already mentioned SEO and we will talk more about it in a separate dedicated to SEO post as it is probably the most important tool of all internet tools if you are going to have your own website on the foreign internet.

In a nutshell, it includes the proper insertion of carefully chosen keywords in the foreign language into the texts of the website in this language, the keywords that are properly merged in the domain name, page titles and descriptions, also the right size of the pages and all together working according to some other rather easy to implement rules for webmasters while building your site.

Generally speaking, SEO means trying to “satisfy” the search engines as much as you can, so that they push your site higher in search results for the particular keywords that you have chosen to attract your potential foreign buyers to find you with.

The foreign SEO plays by the same rules as in English, just in another language. So, you can educate yourself on SEO easily in English as there are many articles online written by the top SEO specialists which the author is not actually, although she is well self-educated on the topic and uses SEO successfully in two languages.

Unfortunately, not any webmaster would apply SEO to their websites in any language, paying much more attention to the beauty of the site’s design than to its future positioning in the search engines. Often the webmasters try to please the website’s owner’s visual taste and that is it.

The owners are equally uneducated on SEO and as a result would have a beautiful site that no search engine would ever find to show to the internet searchers. Waste of money, time and hope for the success in the real estate marketing to foreign buyers.

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