How to Create Marketing Plan for Selling Real Estate to Foreign Buyers

What is the goal of your foreign marketing? To sell properties faster? For more? Or to be able to sell at all? Can you afford to spend some money for your foreign marketing? Many outside and inside factors and the state of your local real estate market might affect your goal and thus your real estate marketing to the foreign buyers plan.

There are some possibilities of marketing real estate for sale to the foreigners within any marketing budget, and the specific marketing plan may be created for any budget (yes, including a zero budget!).

It makes sense to go by the size of your potential foreign marketing budget and see what kind of a roadmap of marketing to the foreign buyers you can get for any amount of the budget that you can afford.

In the e-book How to Plan and Budget for Success in International Property Sales (The Amazon E-Series: How to Beat Your Competition Selling Real Estate to Foreign Buyers, Book 4)  you can find what exactly you can afford and how to spend the money wisely for the following budget sizes:
= Zero foreign marketing budget
= Up to $1,000 foreign marketing budget
= Up to $10,000 foreign marketing budget
= Up to $100,000 foreign marketing budget

The various options include among others: Working through realtors, creating your own foreign marketing materials (brochures, websites, videos, listings and ads), visiting international real estate shows and employing your own representatives abroad.

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