How to Evaluate the Costs Related to Real Estate Marketing to Foreign Buyers

How much will it cost you to market your properties for sale to the foreign buyers in various ways?

We have already talked earlier in the blog about the general ideas of the total amount of the marketing money that realtors, developers and private owners should allocate to find a buyer for their properties eventually. The total marketing budget goes towards many different venues to attract all kinds of potential buyers locally and internationally, and to make the right decision whether or not you should promote your properties for sale in foreign countries and languages you have to evaluate the costs involved in this particular venue.

Having acknowledged the possibility or even necessity of bringing the foreign buyers to your properties and defined the foreign country and language (or countries and languages) from which it is the most likely to get the buyer, the next thing to consider is the possible price of it.

As we already have mentioned the passive marketing to foreigners through realtors in the foreign countries is cheaper to start and more expensive all together because of a real estate commission to pay, while the active marketing (direct advertising to the foreign buying public in their language) is more expensive to start and cheaper all together as there is no commission to pay.

Both ways of foreign marketing have different costs involved, and they are discussed in full detail in the e-book How to Plan and Budget for Success in International Property Sales (The Amazon E-Series: How to Beat Your Competition Selling Real Estate to Foreign Buyers, Book 4)

The following cases presented in the e-book:
=Passive marketing by a private seller
=Passive marketing by a realtor or developer
=Active marketing by a private seller
=Active marketing by a realtor or developer

A summary: Some general thoughts and evaluation of the costs of passive and active real estate marketing to the foreign buyers venues by private owners, realtor and developers. The numbers will become a foundation for your marketing plan.

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