What Decisions to Make on Marketing to Foreign Buyers? (Part 4)

The theoretical (but absolutely real) case studies in the previous posts are two examples of how you as a property seller in any country and area of the country can research your own situation and find out which group or maybe groups of foreign buyers to target with your real estate marketing.

And you see that in the two case studies above the real estate market situations are not the same, but quite the opposite: California real estate prices are relatively high and growing now, and the Chinese do not care and buy anyway driving prices even higher; Greece’s real estate prices are low and going down now, and the Russians with their falling ruble are feeling comfortable buying in Greece anyway.

The last, but not the least question to answer for yourself before starting to create your specific marketing plan, would be about the way to go in marketing: Passive, active or both?

Passive marketing to the foreign buyers is for the cash-poor sellers: No money to spend upfront, but to pay real estate commission later, and completely rely on foreign realtors to send you a buyer without any influence on their own marketing efforts (or lack of those). We will talk in more detail about the passive marketing much later in this blog.

Active marketing to the foreign buyers is, yes, for the sellers with the more active attitude: The seller pays for advertising as much as he or she wants and can afford at their own will, but no commissions on sale, no relying on anybody and waiting for their actions to bring you a buyer.  We will talk about the active marketing in this part of the blog soon.

Which way of foreign real estate marketing to choose? Or should you do both at the same time? There is no one answer that fits all and any situations, sellers, properties and countries; it is up to you, the seller, to decide. And one of the important considerations is the marketing budget of course which we have already started to discuss earlier in this blog and will return to it in the next posts again.

A summary: Any real estate seller (private, developer, realtor) researches the circumstances and decides first of all on whether they need or want to market their properties to the foreign buyers, from what country or countries, through foreign realtors (passively) or by their own means of promoting the properties directly to the buyers in the foreign markets (actively) or doing both ways of marketing at the same time. The decision depends a lot on the marketing budget available.

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