Why Should You Care about Internet in Foreign Languages? (Part 2)

Do you know that the internet searches in the same language, but from the computers located in different countries, will bring different results? For example, when you search for exactly the same keywords from the U.S. and from the neighboring Canada, you will get somewhat different websites order as a result.

It means that your website might be in a very good position on top of many others for the U.S. searchers, but not in the same high position for the Canadian searchers, as some pure Canadian websites on the topic might very well go ahead of you for them.

Google knows a searcher’s location by the IP-address and automatically opens the country’s version by default. Plus it may be in English or French if we talk about Canada, and again – the search results will be different from each other according to the language used, and also different from what you probably see on your computer in the U.S.

The same happens to searches by the country specific search engines in the foreign languages. For example, in the Russian search engine Yandex the results will be different in any case of searching it for a keyword in Russian or in English, and from one location to the other as well.

By the way, Yandex has a very interesting tool: You can change even the city (not only the country) of your virtual presence in it, and let’s say, from Miami in the U.S. you can see websites exactly in the same order what the internet visitors see in Vladivostok (or choose any other Russian city for that matter) while they search for a particular keyword – the extremely useful tool for planning and implementing the internet promotion of any website in Russian. (Russia is so big and diverse that the Russian buyers from some cities prefer to invest in real estate in some countries, while the Russian investors from some other cities are more interested in real estate in some other countries.)

What can you do to promote your foreign language website to the top in foreign search engines, to win as many foreign visitors as possible – and turn them into buyers eventually of course?

Basically the promotion techniques are the same as the old already well-known ones in English, just in the given foreign language: Creating rich content populated with the proper keywords by which you want to be found online, arranging links to your site from other high-ranking sites on the same topic, posting to forums, articles libraries, social networking sites, etc., using paid advertising on the foreign language search engines and third parties websites as well. More on the internet promotion in foreign languages further in this blog.

A summary: It is not enough to have an English website if you are really serious about selling your properties to the foreign buyers; talk to them in their own language on your localized in their internet website and promote this site higher in the foreign search engines.

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