How to Choose between Passive and Active Marketing to Foreign Buyers

It is your choice to actively market your property for sale to the foreign buyers directly (no real estate commission to pay, but the cost of foreign marketing and advertising is on you) or to passively wait for your foreign partners to send you buyers from that country (paying real estate commission on sale). You can also use both approaches – active and passive – at the same time to improve your chances to get the foreign buyer sooner.

The difference between passive and active marketing to the foreigners and also the pros and cons of each method are explained in the full detail at

The book SECRETS OF SELLING REAL ESTATE TO FOREIGN BUYERS, an abridged version of which is published in this blog chapter-by-chapter and post-by-post, consists of three major parts:

1. General Ideas of Marketing Real Estate to Foreign Buyers
2. Active Marketing to Foreign Buyers
3. Passive Marketing to Foreign Buyers

This post completes the General Ideas part and explains the terms of Active and Passive Marketing of real estate in the foreign countries.

Follow the blog to discover everything you need to know about Active Marketing first and then Passive, to apply one or the other (or both simultaneously) to your own situation.

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