Why to Hire a Foreign Language Native Speaker (Part 2)

As Dr. Lois Feuerle, the American Translators Association Director, said in her interview, “Basically, if you are a translator or interpreter, everything you have ever done, are doing at the moment, or ever will do will certainly help you as a translator or interpreter… Translation is what you should do last in life, because everything else is a preparation for it.” (Dr. L. Feuerle is a living proof herself as she was a lawyer, university teacher and worked a number of other jobs before becoming a translator.)

Long ago, when the author was a student at the technical university (Russian-speaking) and studied at the school of foreign languages in the evening, for our English class of techies we had a technical translation teacher who tried to convince us that it was possible for her to translate any English text in any industry only because she knew the English grammar properly, but the terminology she could look up at this industry’s specialized dictionary.

We, all the technical university students of various specializations at that time, argued fiercely, and at the end she agreed that her translation in nuclear physics should be edited by a nuclear physicist and in chemistry by a chemist – it was our victory! As future specialists we knew how much one should learn to write properly about any specific topic even in our native language, leaving alone any foreign languages. (Just to clarify: Based on the research and analytic skills acquired during the technical university studies, the author learned real estate marketing later in life too.)

So far it was all about the written word (translating), but for some simple every day communication with your potential foreign buyers when they come to see the property to your town (interpreting), the requirements are much easier and you can hire any person from your neighborhood who knows both languages for the foreign buyer’s visit.

By the way, if you are a realtor who is planning to work with the foreign buyers from a particular country, consider bringing on board a bilingual real estate agent who is a native speaker of that foreign country’s language, moved to your country and already earned her or his real estate license here, to work for your agency commission-based, and the problem of receiving foreign buyers and communicating with them is solved for you.

Not necessary that this person would be able to write your foreign marketing material though as this is a different skill, but sometimes it is possible as well.

A summary: To make sure that your real estate marketing material in a foreign language looks the best it can, choose a translator who is a native speaker of that foreign language and has some education and experience in real estate marketing.

Happy blog reading,
Olga Kellen,
The Amazon Author
International Marketing Consultant and English-Russian Translator

Copyright © 2017 by Olga Kellen
All Rights Reserved


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