How to Choose a Translation Provider

Your project will dictate the choice of the translation provider – from a free online translation tool for something not so important if you just want to get a general idea of the content, to a self-employed translator for a pair of languages you might require, to a translation agency for a multi-lingual task.

In the article in the link above we discuss the general approach to choosing the vendor: A freelancer or an agency, a boutique agency or a large corporation, local or online. But anyway, by the end of the day the actual job of translating your real estate marketing material will be done by a human being, a translator.

In this post we will talk over more personal requirements to the person who will be working for you on your real estate marketing in a particular language pair whether you have found her or him one way or the other – directly or through a translation agency.

Especially it is important to ask questions about the translator who will be working on your project if you deal with the translation agency, because most of the time the agencies would talk to you about the agency’s services only, but after getting your job at a particular agreed upon rate per word, they would send your project over to anybody online who is available at the moment and agrees to work for the lowest rate per word to preserve the highest possible margin for the agency.

Here are the major qualities of any candidate to win your real estate marketing project that you should consider carefully:

– Fluency in both languages – the one you are translating from and the one you are translating to. Education, experience and portfolios of the previous writing and translating assignments should be provided by any candidate

– Specialization in the field of marketing real estate, its set of terminology and jargon. Experience and successful previous works should be demonstrated

– Ability to deliver the final high quality product on time

– Reasonable pricing that includes translating, editing and proofreading

– Acceptable method of payment and communication

The requirements look straightforward and rather obvious, right? The problem is in the methods of evaluating the translator’s answers to your questions under the condition that you do not know the target language and will be having difficulties to judge the foreign texts if any provided to you.

Most of the clients of the translation industry usually have no idea what actual services and products they will have while hiring one or the other provider as an independent contractor or through an agency. Especially in the today’s internet world where anybody who somehow (nobody really knows how well) knows two languages (or claims to know two languages), may announce themselves a translator.

In the next post we will see how to help you with the task of choosing the real estate marketing provider in a foreign language that is right for you.

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