Funny Cases of Free Online Translations in Real Estate Marketing

Here are more real life examples to prove the correct answer “No” to the question asked at the beginning of one of the previous posts, “Why don’t we just use this wonderful free online translation tool into any language in our real estate marketing?”

In my e-book *How to Use Free Online Translation in Real Estate Business* I have a small collection of ridiculous or misleading or just impossible to understand phrases and paragraphs extracted from some real estate marketing websites that obviously used free online translation tools for their texts. Here is only one sample of the collection:

“Restroom is the urbanization”

 On a beautiful luxury real estate website offering exclusive homes priced over $1,000,000 in the U.S (no name to not embarrass the company), there is a button “Languages” – for free machine translation. I have tried it for Russian and then translated the so called “Russian” content back to English, again using automatic translation.

Here is how they market their luxury to the Russian-speaking website visitors: “Protected, calm, and extremely particular communities dotted line with the large of the property of apartment buildings in the wide sections with that impressing opinions. With the photo the postcard is the park of tuning elevated the country- style of the stylishness, for pastoral horse passing elegance, [Kombi] enclaves to ensure peaceful solitude and with the bewitching view. These land spreading is shop window the irreproachable selection of many architectural styles, from the Mediterranean to Mizner the [Palm] – whip of Georgian French Regency of British West India, also, beyond its limits.  For those, which the prize of rarified of beauty and the infinite views, which it envelopped in the peaceful solitude.”

We will not go on, it is the same pity all over the site; you have the idea already.  Their home page’s name “Private Estate Enclave” turned simply into “Restroom is the urbanization” – sorry, but that is what the machine translation does sometimes.

Want to have some fun? Go to and see how foreign businesses use machine translation tools and what the results are. Hilarious!

Want to do your own exercise in translation? Go to and make an input of a phrase from your marketing text to receive it in the back translation into English after getting through the machine translations.

At you can find a very impressive result of my own exercise (the meaning of the machine translated text is just the opposite to the original!).

A summary: Do not lose your business reputation and potential real estate buyers in foreign countries by using free online translation into foreign languages in your real estate marketing materials, websites and important business correspondence.

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