How to Use Free Online Translation in Real Estate Marketing (Part 2)

As promised in the previous post, let’s discuss why there is no free online translation tool in existence that can compete with the human mind.

What is actually the online or machine or automatic translation from one language to another? It is a highly complicated computer program which includes all the grammar rules and dictionaries of the both languages. The common problem is that any language is much more difficult to put in a number of rules (even with all the exceptions built-in) than let’s say math or any exact science.

As a result at the outcome of any free online translation we always run into a risk of getting something inadequate. No solution so far… And maybe none is achievable at all… Not in the nearest future at least… And if you do not understand the foreign language into which your real estate marketing materials or documents or emails to be translated, do not take the risk!

Some pairs of languages being relatively close to each other (as English and French, for example) are performing better in free online translations, and for simple and grammatically correct sentences show pretty acceptable results (still need a human being supervision). Other pairs being creatures from different planets (as English and Russian, or English and Chinese) demonstrate all the weakness of the method. There is a rumor that the worst of the worst for machine translation is considered the pair of English and Japanese.

What is the major difference between how a machine with a huge memory and set of rules acts and a human translator?

The human being can apprehend the meaning of the text as a whole, its tone and also can adjust the tone to the audience in the target language if required; the human translator fluent in both languages can even catch some mistakes in the source text and make the correct translation into the target language anyway.

The machine cannot do anything of the above, and just renders a sentence by sentence from one language into another, sometimes making mistakes in choosing the right for the content meaning of a word here and there. This may work for some simple and non-significant purposes as it has been already mentioned, but never for marketing (as well as never for legal, medical and any other important documents).

A summary: Free online translation (machine or automatic are just different names for the same) is counterproductive for real estate marketing and selling.

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