How your competitors can help you with real estate marketing to foreign buyers (part 2)

In the previous post we talked about the real estate market data you need to properly position your property for sale in the foreign markets. Now we will reveal how you can find the relevant information on your own, even if you do not know the language of the foreign country you target with your real estate marketing.

First of all, you might be able to easily come across the internet real estate portals in English that claim to be international and provide buttons for automatic translations of their content into many languages for potential foreign buyers in other countries.

They are really not reliable for your research of the foreign markets for the subsequent reasons: Automatic translation is no good for marketing and the foreign buyers would definitely prefer to use not these portals, but websites in their own language written by real people who master the language; these English portals with automatic translations cannot be search engine optimized and promoted in the foreign languages and even if they are very well visible in English it is not the fact in the foreign language internet at all; properties on such portals are usually just an automatic download from English websites and thus the pricing will be exactly the same as you see in your local sources.

These portals are convenient for sellers and realtors (whom the portals charge for listings), but not for the foreign buyers. It is better to forget about them as their real estate marketing information will be misleading for your foreign market research.

What can you do on your own for gathering the necessary information about the foreign real estate market if you do not know the foreign language? Google is available in many languages in other countries, although often it is not the number one search engine over there, but still has a presence all over the world.

Find the Google option for your country of interest; for example, the Russian Google is at . Also you will need an automatic translation tool, let’s take Google Translate which is not bad for translating short, straightforward and grammatically perfect key phrases like “the U.S. real estate ”, “Italian properties for sale” or similar ones for your particular country and situation.

Translate your search phrase into the foreign language of interest with Google Translate, copy and paste the translated result in the search window of the foreign Google, press the search button and here we are – a bunch of the results in the foreign language. You just did exactly what your potential foreign buyers would do if they want to find properties for sale in your country, but in their own language for convenience.

Now the fun part is coming – you look at all the websites in the foreign language like your foreign buyers would do, but you do not know the language. Well, open the websites one by one and try to go around with the help of Google Translate again or just intuitively – just clicking on the flag of your country may open you the list of your country’s properties for sale with descriptions in the foreign language, with photos and prices.

So, at least you can see the photos and understand the numbers (just watch the currency signs as the prices might be in dollars, euros, pounds or local money; the local currency can be converted into something more familiar to you by online currency converters). Such research is of a somewhat limited value, but something is better than nothing.

This way it would be a really valuable data extracted if somebody knowing the foreign language and real estate could prepare a report for you outlining the foreign real estate market for your property or properties to fit in.

A summary: Watching your competing properties for sale in the foreign real estate markets through the eyes of the foreign buyers can save you marketing money, time and efforts.

Copyright © 2016 by Olga Kellen
All Rights Reserved

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