What Properties You Can Sell to Foreign Investors (part 2)

In the previous post we have discussed residential properties and the possibility to rent out the homes and condo when the foreign owner is not using his property for his own purpose.

Commercial properties. It requires a different approach than a home or condo to sell a commercial property to a foreign business person. The most important thing is the property’s financial information.

Also try to envision how the new owner will be managing the business and offer any help you can with that. If your commercial property is all tenanted long-term, it is of course the best, but if not, it should not stop you from offering it to the foreign buyers one bit.

To gather the general information on the foreign investors in commercial real estate in your country and area is a little more difficult than in the case of residential properties; that is why creating the buyer’s profile may require more work and sophistication. Your local Chamber of Commerce might help.

Note: Quite possible that your country has a law of some sort to attract foreign capital by providing the foreign investors with resident or citizenship rights. In the U.S. a foreign buyer of a residential property does not receive any preferences in terms of visas or residency, but purchasing a commercial property under some legal conditions (EB-5 visa rules) would provide a foreign investor and his family a green card and citizenship.

In some countries just buying any real estate over an established price gives this country’s passport to a foreigner immediately.

You have to learn about such laws of your country and definitely include this information in your marketing. Quite often it would be the main reason for a foreign buyer to make up their mind to buy just your commercial or residential property.

Almost every foreign investor after acquiring a business will be looking for buying a family home too, thus for a realtor it will be your additional opportunity to sell another property to the same buyers or make a referral to a residential realtor.

A summary: The foreign buyers are looking for residential, commercial, and also residential properties for renting out all over the world.

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