What Properties You Can Sell to Foreign Investors (part 1)

The foreign investors are looking for residential and commercial properties abroad (quite possible – right in your country right now), and also for residential properties with a commercial angle – homes and condos for renting out while they do not use properties for themselves, to get rental income.

To prepare a good marketing plan for a particular type of property that you want to offer to the foreign investors, the first thing to do is defining their possible motivation and then trying to meet their goals in your promotion. We will talk again about the reasons why the foreigners buy the real estate in other countries than their own in more details further, but here we just name a few.

Residential properties. The foreigners buy abroad for vacationing, staying while on business trips, family living, for their children attending schools in your country and for income, too. Each country and area can attract different types of the foreign buyers and from various countries, so it is a must for you as a private seller, developer or realtor first of all to outline a profile of your target foreign buyers (country or countries they might come from, goals of buying, budgets they are ready to spend based on some statistics available). Then you will be ready to plan your direction of promotion and budget it properly.

All the preliminary information for creating your foreign investors’ profile you usually find in your local sources that publish such data. Sometimes it is also in your country’s national media – if your country is actually a small one or your area of a big country is famous all over the world.

Florida is a well-known example of the latter as people from all over the world buy properties here, and the major national newspapers publish articles on Florida real estate and its popularity among the international investors. Search Google for “foreign buyers of Florida real estate” and you see more than a million items! Too many for any practical use? Agree…

Let’s try to concentrate on a smaller area in Florida: For “foreign buyers of Fort Lauderdale real estate” there are about one hundred thousand items in Google, and it is a bit more manageable, especially taking into consideration that not all of the results are really what you are looking for to picture your potential foreign investor.

Residential properties with some commercial use. If your home or condo is suitable for renting it out for a short- or long-term, it is usually a great attraction for a foreign investor (quite understandable, right?), and you absolutely have to stress this fact out as much as you can in your property promotion. Provide your area rental rules and market information in your promotional materials, promise to help with referring a reputable local property manager which can be the most important thing for the foreign investors to say “Yes” to your property over some others that are similar to yours.

We will continue the topic and discuss commercial properties in the next post.

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