Who Can Sell Properties to Foreign Buyers (part 1)


You may ask whether this blog about the foreign buyers of real estate is for you. The answer is “Yes” as this blog is for every real estate seller: A private owner of a property for sale, realtor and developer. The basic ideas of marketing and selling real estate to the foreign buyers is the same for any type of properties and any class of sellers.

Realtors. As a realtor you can be interested whether in selling one particular property to the foreign buyers (for example, if it is being stuck in the local market for some reasons for a while) or in starting the ongoing campaign marketing your services internationally and promoting all your current and future listings to the foreign investors.

In the former case your promotion actions in the foreign markets are the more or less the same as for the private sellers and we will look at the matter in the next post. In the latter case on the other hand, you have to carefully consider your marketing budget and the overall marketing plan.

The major steps of developing the realtor’s marketing plan of entering international markets of the real estate buyers are as follows:

-Define all foreign countries of potential interest to your goals of selling your services and properties;
-Possibly limit the number of the countries for your campaigning based on the budget available;
-Decide on the foreign language or languages provider or providers (hiring additional staff or using third party services or both);
-Choose online and offline promotional venues in each country of interest;
-Check again the above decisions according to the budget.

All of these steps we will discuss in details in the future posts.

Developers. The action plan will be in general the same as for the realtors.

Next time we will talk about the general ideas of marketing to the foreign buyers for the private property sellers (or the realtors with only one property to promote internationally).

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