Why Should We Care about Real Estate Foreign Buyers

If you are reading this blog, it means you have heard or learned that the foreign buyers invest more willingly and in more expensive properties in your area than locals do. Or maybe you have even sold a property to a foreigner once or twice and would like to attract more of them.

Would you want to increase your chances to sell properties and often for higher prices? Then market it to the foreign buyers.

start selling foreign buyers

The old saying “All real estate is local” is 100% true, of course, but what about the real estate buyers? People are relocating, investing in properties out of state, buying a second or vacation home, etc. Many of them are foreigners. With the advance of the internet you can sell a property to anybody in the world actually.

As a private seller of a property, real estate agent or developer you can very well benefit from the fact that the foreign investors are interested in real estate in your city and country while this trend lasts. Let’s talk here about catching the wave when it happens!

Blogs and books on selling real estate are plenty, but so far there is none on marketing and selling properties specifically to the foreigners as my research shows. At the same time such cross-cultural selling is the growing trend in the modern world. Successful marketing and selling real estate to the foreign investors has some specifics in comparison with your usual local advertising properties for sale.

We will find answers to the questions that I receive from all over the world through my website daily, as a marketing consultant in selling international real estate to the foreign buyers.

This is a unique blog on the hot topic All-One-Has-to-Know to be successful in marketing and selling real estate internationally. It is based on the book manuscript with the same title.

The first post represents a short Blog’s Mission Statement. You can find more about the story of the blogged book and its author.

The Introduction to SECRETS OF SELLING REAL ESTATE TO FOREIGN BUYERS is already online and you may want to go there and read it if you wish.

Anyway, here we will start right with Chapter 1 in the next post.

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